Beginning Anew

Isn’t it interesting how you can have the best of intentions, but life has a way of showing you more in each day that you need to focus on, to pay attention to and to be present with no other distractions? This is my life in the past year. My goal for this site remains to be an encouragement and support for those faced with the challenges of parenting and caring for a child with special needs. It is my passion and my drive that keep me coming back to be that source for you. And like anyone that comes to this site, I have my own set of challenges….challenges that needed to be focused on in the last year. They will still need to be focused upon in the future, but I feel that I am at a point of being able to manage my time to spend being a support here and also being there for my family.

I hope to offer you more writing and more resources to aid you in your journey with your child. More community involvement and just more of me being present with you!

I hope you will continue to join me….Empower Your Village.


“‘Tis not enough to keep the feeble up, but to support them after” William Shakespeare


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